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Nantucket’s New Hospital Opens!

There is some exciting news on Nantucket! On February 20th, after months and months of hard work and anticipation, the new Nantucket Cottage Hospital opened its doors! The new hospital promises patients that it will enhance access, safety and privacy for patients allowing the hospital to serve the island community with a broad range of medical services


The new hospital includes the following:

  • An additional 40,000 sq ft in comparison to the old hospital
  • 14 licensed beds (inpatient and maternity)
  • 12 ER patient rooms, including 2 trauma rooms
  • 7 pre- and post-op recovery rooms
  • 5 private infusion bays
  • 2 operating rooms
  • 1 endoscopy room (for procedures like endoscopies and colonoscopies)
  • 1 inpatient rehab gym
  • 1 respite room for prayer and meditation
  • Upgraded laboratory with new state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. New analyzers and other equipment will allow for in-house Lyme disease testing, providing a faster turnaround time for results, as well as many new diagnostic tests for Vitamin D, ammonia levels, C. diff, Pro-NTBNP (a marker for congestive heart failure) and more
  • Three draw rooms for blood draws, EKGs, and expanded microbiology lab
  • Expanded imaging department with new state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including a CT machine to enhance diagnostic capabilities, a second ultrasound room, and new men’s and women’s waiting rooms
  • Expanded dialysis center with 3 patient treatment chairs
  • Co-located physician practices with 29 exam rooms
  • Point of care registration for lab and imaging will streamline patient access
  • Enhanced safety and privacy for patients, including clearly delineated public spaces and private areas for staff and patients only.


Thanks to a $120 million capital campaign, the new hospital was built entirley though donations, debt-free, and with no taxpayer dollars.

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