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Describe A Nantucket Winter in 4 Words?

Cozy, Peaceful, Community, &  Authentic  Or  One Book One Island

So often people ask, ‘But honestly, what is it like to live on Nantucket during the Winter?  I could live there Spring, Summer & Fall but Winter?  It must be soooo quiet.”

My answer is always some variation of the following: ‘It is my favorite time of year!!’ and it is true.

It is incomparable; bluff walks on crisp sunny days when the ocean is a color of blue that can not be replicated. Breathtakingly beautiful; sometimes, when we get a fresh blanket of snow and I am sitting in the office at my desk working, looking out the window it is easy to imagine we are living inside a child’s snow globe… a quiet, sparkling place just dusted with a confectioners sprinkling.

Mostly though, the words that embody a Nantucket Winter for me are cozy, peaceful, community and authentic. Strangers helped me shovel my driveway last week, a friend gave me cashmere socks for Christmas, (is there anything more cozy or decadent?) and it is time for one of my favorite Nantucket community-wide events; One Book, One Island. As announced in the Nantucket Book Partners Newsletter this today:

One Book One Island is a collaborative project of community partners and sponsors on Nantucket which seeks to promote reading, literacy, and community by encouraging the entire population of Nantucket to read, discuss, and reflect on the same book. In addition, the project is designed to foster the importance of life-long learning for children and adults and to provide multiple opportunities for cultural enrichment in the community.”

The 2017 selection, announced today, is

Elephant Company by, Vicki Constantine Croke.

Click the link above to find to find out more this year’s book selection or visit the Nantucket Book Partners Newsletter for more information about this & other winter activities they sponsor and join your Nantucket winter community in this island-wide conversation!

Janine Franceschi

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A fearless follower of her own dreams and aspirations, Janine’s greatest joy is to empower her clients with the information, tools and resources necessary for them to make informed real estate decisions, enabling them to breathe life into their Nantucket dreams. Is it your dream to own island property or rent a vacation home on Nantucket? With her contagious enthusiasm and informative ‘can do’ approach, Janine cannot wait to help you make your Nantucket dream, whatever shape that takes for you, into a reality.
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